We can get virtually anything with the BCMCC logo embroidered on it and our good friends at Galileo Clothing are very speedy when an order is placed. 

T-Shirts, Sweat Shirts, Rugby Shirts, Denim Shirts, Fleeces. baseball caps etc etc are all available.  This excellent quality clothing has the BCMCC logo embroidered on the front (so you know which way you are heading) and you can have your name added as well, just in case you forget who you are!

Prices depend on exactly what style of item, weight of fleece etc. you want. Ladies fit items are also available for the curvier amongst you.

For details have a look on their website and see what you fancy.  You can order direct or via Judy.  If you order direct just confirm with  Judy (an email will do) as Galileo will always check you are a paid up member. 

Galileo Clothing web site www.galileoclothing.co.uk/html/products.html