Trial: Lambs Lair East Harptree 22nd May 2022

Great weather certainly helped with the Bath Classic Lambs Lair trial yesterday. It was the usual 4 laps of 10 sections with a mixture of rocks, muddy banks and the wet stream bed on section 5. The sections became easier as the day went on when the damp mud on the surface quickly dried out and established lines were worn into the surface. A good spread of marks in the results show that there was hopefully something for everyone. Dave Fisher headed up the results in the A route unit class and his overall result would have been much better except for an uncharacteristic wrong direction in section 6. Jason Atwell as smooth as ever was the only clean sheet on the A route where section 5 took most of the days marks. Interestingly Ben Wilmore on the big Ariel cleaned section 5 every time. The scores were tight at the top of the 50/50 route with Matt Smith and Merv Walker on 2 just ahead of Tony Henbest and Bobby Webb on 3. Both Tony and Bobby have put in some good result’s this year. The B route was reasonably straightforward with a few twists, turns and cambers to catch the unwary and this showed in the results. Nice to see Gary Britton on his lovely Ariel ride so well and this was reflected in his clean sheet. There was a bit of confusion while typing the results as we had 2 Nigel Smiths on the B route, 1 from across the water who went clean on his BSA and the other who was much nearer to home and picked up 3 points riding his new Beta. As always a huge thank you to everyone who helped out and made it a fun event. The results can be found at